Back Office Software for Ruby VeriFone SuperSystem
Back Office Software for Ruby VeriFone SuperSystem

A Simple Alternative in Back Office Software For Gas Stations With
Convenience Stores Using Ruby VeriFone® SuperSystem Registers
Test it on YOUR PC, With YOUR Data - See Below

Ruby SuperSystem Back Office Software

With RubyBOSS in the back office you will no longer interfere with the sales function at the Ruby SuperSystem Register to update your products or prices or to recall sales data. You will do it all from the office PC. The software will download automatically all your sales data at the end of each shift and update your store and fuel inventories. This, along with a simple data entry of receipts, will assure you effective inventory control to help you reduce shrink.

The RubyBOSS Back Office Software produces numerous reports on demand for any date range, by department or detailed by product, including cost and profit margins. It provides for all your operational requirements and, it's very easy to learn and easy to use.

RubyBOSS First Year License Fee: Only $995.00!!
($250 annual fee after 1st year - Includes help desk and updates)

To view additional details click on the following links:
Main Menu Display / Inventory Item Display / Shift Over/Short
Ruby Functions / Inventory Control / Client Accounts / Vendor Accounts / Fuel Products

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Run it on your PC and see for yourself.
Ruby Verifone BackOffice Software
Test It With YOUR Actual Data

We will install it on your Windows PC via Internet and allow you to run the fully operational system, with your actual data, for three days with a temporary password so you may evaluate it. At the end of the three days, if you choose to keep it, you pay the license fee and we provide you with a permanent license number/password.

For internet communications please download to your PC the remote access software "TeamViewer", this is the Internet link for it: - The download and automatic installation is quick (less than 5 minutes). RubyBOSS software runs on all Windows 32 bit Operating Systems (XP thru Windows 10) with minimum capacity.

For full details please call: 787.261.6100 / 787.270.4990,
or email:

Candido Parrilla
Contact: Candido Parrilla.
More than 30 years in Systems and Computers

How to Connect Back Office PC to Ruby Register

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